More and more women are practicing jiu jitsu, because it is one of the best ways to develop effective self-defense skills, and to gain physical strength, stamina, and conditioning at the same time.

Female students at Florian Martial Arts Center participate in the regular co-ed classes for beginners and advanced students, learning to deal with different shapes and strengths in a friendly and non-intimating environment.

In these classes women study how to use leverage, flexibility, and body mechanics to achieve control over any situation. Punches, kicks, and throws are not used in jiu jitsu. All positions start on the ground, and are practiced safely on soft zebra mats.

With proper technique, and disciplined practice, it is possible to redirect and use an aggressor’s strength against him. You’ll have the skills to defend yourself and get away. This stuff works!

For more and more women, a jiu jitsu practice of this kind complements a practice of yoga, running, or personal training. Going over techniques in the classes at Florian Martial Arts is not only a good work out, it also develops agility and body awareness. And it is a lot of fun too!

Come watch or take a free week of class, and learn why more and more women are joining our family of jiu jitsu and self-defense practitioners.

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