Junior Samurai Program

Helping Kids Stay Healthy and Active the Fun Way
Developing Healthy Bodies and Minds for Boys and Girls Ages 6-15
In the Greater Boston Area

Primary Program Goals:

  • Helps students overcome challenges and obstacles they may face in school, social situations and life in general

  • Improves self-esteem, character and personal responsibility

  • Teaches self-defense techniques

  • Develops respect for others

  • Increases focus and concentration at school

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is often referred to as the “gentle martial art.”  Yet, it provides many powerful benefits. That’s why BJJ is the primary martial art form taught in the Florian Martial Art Center’s Junior Samurai Program.  

The emphasis of BJJ is on rolling, falling, ground movement, and becoming familiar with one’s body. Our Junior Samurai Program teaches children to use leverage and technique to control a situation, without using punching and kicking. Even if they are put in a situation where an opponent is bigger and stronger, Junior Samurais learn how to keep themselves safe.

BJJ is ideal for children, because it not only teaches self-defense, but can be pursued as a competitive sport. Just as importantly, the Junior Samurai Program will help children develop a wide range of skills such as focus, control, balance, memory, coordination and discipline at a critical time in their development.  

Classes are taught in a fun and friendly environment that promotes individual student development and teamwork.  A stretching/warm-up session starts each class. Then a combination of physical exercises, technique development, group games and motivational talks takes place. We end the class with goal setting assignments.  Throughout the class, students are positively encouraged to challenge themselves and are actively supported in the process.  The Junior Samurai curriculum was developed by Kenny Florian (UFC Lightweight Title Contender) and Keith Florian (BJJ Blackbelt and UFC Coach) with the goal of stimulating the student’s body, mind and spirit to work together.

A certified and highly experienced instructor leads each Junior Samurai class.  All activity is conducted on floor mats which are 2 inches thick - the safest martial art mats available.  Additional padding is provided on surrounding walls.

The Junior Samurais Program has a total of 8 belts and 4 stripes in between each belt. A total of 24 levels are needed achieve a black belt.  Each level will be achieved after 20 classes have been attended. Students will wrestle/spar in a highly controlled environment only after graduating from the green belt rank, which is achieved through demonstrated adherence to a code of conduct and regular class attendance. In addition, students who perform community service and receive good grades will earn credits and recognition.

For more information call the Florian Martial Arts Center at 617-232-3228.



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