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The Martial Arts will provide you a great sense of accomplishment in a wide range of life enhancing ways. You will gain the confidence that anything can be conquered, either by a counter action or by going with that motion.

At Florian Martial Arts Center, we strive to give to others the same benefits that the study of martial arts has provided to us. Students learn the Florian training methods from world class coaches and staff.

We have programs for those who want to learn  Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts. For students new to martial arts the Fundamentals Program is for you.

You will train in a clean, hygienic gym with the same machines and equipment (Air dyne, kettle bells, medicine balls, dumbbells, bosu ball etc...) that Kenny and Keith use to stay in shape. We also have central air conditioning along with changing rooms. Plus, the Florian Martial Arts Center uses the highest quality (2 inch thick) mats available from Zebra Mats

We are Dedicated to Helping People Enhance Their Lives
Having worked as a management consultant for many years, Cheryl Ragsdale found herself unhappy physically and mentally. She never thought mixed martial arts would change her life forever until she joined Florian Martial Arts Center. Watch the Yahoo produced Story on Cheryl.



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